Project Overview

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In February 2021, Texas was hit with an historic winter storm that paralyzed the state for weeks. Record-low temperatures knocked out the state’s electrical grid, killing power and making it impossible for homeowners to keep their houses warm. The storm caused more than $5.8 billion in damage, in large part due to the flooding caused by ruptured frozen pipes.

One of our present clients in Dallas was one of those affected. When the family decided to upgrade their audio/visual and Smart Home technology as part of their complete home renovation, they assumed their contractor and subcontractor were experienced enough to handle the design, installation, and programming of the electronics. They were not. It was then, that a chance meeting with Starpower CEO David Pidgeon changed the trajectory of their project.

At the time of their meeting, the couple’s home had been under construction for more than 18 months and their anxiety was rising. The family had two major events on the calendar in July and August when they would be entertaining large groups at their home, and not having the renovation finished wasn’t an option. They needed help and they needed it quickly.

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The Solution

At Starpower, we’re equally adept at starting a project from scratch and coming in later once a project has already been started. But even for us, this project was fast, and it was apparent the homeowners needed a company with the experience, calm, and transparency we provided. Led by project manager Scott Harwell, the Starpower team met with the couple for a walkthrough of the property to get a better feel for the scope of the work. In listening to what they had been told by the previous contractor and reviewing the equipment that had been specced for the job, we quickly realized there were a number of areas with unnecessary coverage and some that did not have enough.

For instance, the original specs had called for expensive MoIP devices for each of the 14 TVs throughout the house. But a number of those were in guest bedrooms that were only used a few times a year. With just a simple question about lifestyle, we were able to save the couple thousands of dollars. Asking our clients about their lifestyle and habits to create the optimal system for their home is part of what sets Starpower apart from other companies that do some of what we do. We are not in the business of selling high-end equipment. Starpower is about transforming homes and adding well-earned luxury to our clients’ lives. The fully integrated systems we create, install, and program for our clients perfectly match how they work, live, and entertain.

“Our teams present solutions. Not just products,” notes Pidgeon. “We take care of the needs the homeowner expresses and then we educate and can recommend the wants. It’s much like choosing a car. Just because you see a Ferrari and love how it looks, it might not be the right car for you. We don’t sell speakers and TVs and lighting controls. We provide the audio system that best delivers your favorite genre of music. Televisions that deliver spectacular sports, movies, and concerts in 4k, 8k, and beyond. Our clients dream about a more enjoyable life and home. Starpower makes that real.”

Once we had a better understanding what our clients really wanted from their Smart Home, we quickly got to work installing and programming fully integrated high-end audio, 4K HD televisions, and lighting schemes for both inside and outside the home, all coordinated through URC Total Control and adjustable by remote control, 7” wall mounted touch panels, and the family’s mobile devices. We also installed a vibrant Coastal Source audio system in the backyard for outdoor entertaining as robust as a raucous dinner party, or something as subtle as a quiet day by the pool. By the time the project was finished, the integrated system included everything but electronic shades. We even provided some of the furniture.

When we first met with our clients to hear their expectations, they mentioned their frustration with a custom furniture maker that had given them an estimate of more than a year to get a couple of leather chairs. The couple was both surprised and delighted to hear Starpower actually designs and manufactures custom leather furniture right here in Dallas. They were even more excited to hear we could build their custom leather chairs in eight to 12 weeks. We delivered 36 of them. The chairs you see in the Cigar Room, Kitchen Sitting Area, around the Dining Room table as well as the barstools in the Cigar Room were all custom made in Dallas, Texas.

We had agreed to take over the job in April 2022 and thanks to the experience and professional focus of our team, we delivered the fully integrated system before the family’s scheduled July 4th event. Between that date and the second event in August, we returned to the home to refine some areas, add some new equipment, and ensure that everything was exceeding our clients’ expectations. They were. Fears were allayed, frustrations with the long construction delays were gone, and our clients were enjoying their home in luxury, comfort, and style.

The Technology

Our team at Starpower has more than a decade of experience designing, installing, and programming the most advanced electronics systems in the business. We pride ourselves on flawless integration, clean, artlike wiring, and making sure every part of your electronics system works perfectly and in concert. With URC Total Control, these homeowners can control their lighting, shades, thermostat, as well as all of their audio and video in home. Integrations are also available for garage doors, security systems and so much more. This Home Features:

  • LG OLED Gallery TVs
  • Revel in-ceiling and in-wall speakers
  • Coastal Source outdoor landscape speakers
  • Araknis Networks routers, switches, and wireless access points
  • MoIP to distribute 4K HD content
  • URC Total Control with 7” touch panels and remotes
  • 36 Custom Chairs made in Dallas, TX

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