Do you have your New Year’s resolutions ready?  I have talked to so many people who have one simple resolution they are gearing up for in 2012: to get organized. What they want and desire is to get control of their life and make things simpler.

Let’s start with the devices in your life. If you are anything like me you probably have separate controls for everything — one for the television, one for the ceiling fan, and one for the DVD player.  You probably also have separate wall units for the air conditioner, garage door, security system….and the list goes on and on. We have all heard of the Universal Remote, but this only eliminates the audio and video remote controls. What if there was a single control panel that could operate and control everything in your life? Oh wait! There is!

Turn your home into a smarthome with Crestron home automation.  Crestron offers one of the beset home automation systems in the market and can help you to control every electronic device in your life with one simple panel. The Crestron home automation panel solves your headache and allows you turn everything on or off with one simple to use control system. With a Crestron home automation panel you can control your security system, lighting, air conditioning, garage door, music media, sound system, television, and DVD/Blu-Ray system.

Beyond the idea that with one remote you can control all of these features is the fact that you can choose to mount this device on the wall (where it could never go missing), you can choose a hand-held panel, or you can download the software to make all of this accessible through your iPhone. Another cool feature about the Crestron home automation system is that YOU choose what to control. You may only want to control your sound system, lights, and security system with your panel, all of that is up to you. The possibilities are endless.

The bottom line is that everyone could use a little simplification in their lives. So if you are tired of searching for the right control, or having to walk through the house to make sure everything is turned off when you leave home, then Crestron home automation system is for you.

Come check out the many home automation options at Starpower entertainment and see what the best home automation system is for your home.  Get controlled, get organized, become the king in your own home for 2012 with a new Smarthome.

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