Smart Home Automation is The Way of The Future.

Many homeowners are investing in smart home technology, whether to achieve greater peace of mind through security, superior energy efficiency through a remote thermostat control, or greater convenience through automated home theater controls. At Starpower, we are proud to offer an array of luxury smart home systems from our locations in Texas and Arizona. If you are thinking about investing in home automation and are looking for the ideal technology assets to help you do so, we can help.

The Benefits of Home Automation

With the rise of personal assistants—think Google Home and Amazon Alexa—more homeowners are starting to realize the positive outcomes that automation technologies can produce in their day-to-day lives.

There is a growing interest in smart home automation and its far-reaching benefits, including:

  • Safety, security, and peace of mind. Many smart home technologies are intended to be security safeguards. Cameras and surveillance systems allow you to monitor your home from your smartphone, automated lights deter would-be burglars, and automated door locks and property access protections make it easier to control who gets into your home and when. These possibilities highlight how smart home technology is rewriting the rules of home security.
  • Control from anywhere. The peace of mind associated with smart home systems doesn’t just come from its security-related functions. How many times have you left your home only to start fretting that you left the oven on? How often have you neglected to tweak the thermostat before leaving on vacation to make sure that the air conditioner isn’t running full-blast for the duration of your trip? With a smart home setup, you can easily check on these home systems and even control them from afar, helping you avoid last-minute trips back to the house and vacation anxiety.
  • Energy savings. Luxury smart home systems are an investment—a factor that has slowed their adoption significantly so far. As homeowners have discovered, however, these systems deliver immediate monetary savings once installed. Automation lighting, including motion-activated lights, can reduce your energy costs over time, and so can automated thermostats, which raise or lower the temperature of your home depending on time of day, and automated shades, which make it easier to control the flow of natural sunlight (and its associated heat) into your home. These gadgets enable you to use energy more efficiently, leading to more manageable utility bills.
  • There are plenty of convenience factors associated with smart home automation. What if you need to let someone into your home when you’re not there? With smart locks, you can unlock the door from outside of your home. What if you want to move the video or audio playing in one room to another? With smart A/V and home theater automation, your entertainment becomes a convenient, whole-house, interconnected installation rather than a single-room setup.
  • Creature comforts are a big part of the appeal of a smart home setup. Smart home tech makes it easier to cultivate the perfect atmosphere and environment in your home by coordinating factors from temperature and lighting to the ambience created by the music playing over the stereo at any moment. Whether you are throwing a big graduation party in the middle of the summer or a small, intimate dinner party in the winter, smart home systems make it easy to establish the right look, sound, and feel for any situation for maximum comfort.
  • Senior-friendly benefits. Especially for seniors or individuals who have limited mobility, manually managing the facets of a household can be a burden. There is a reason why many older adults eventually leave the familiarity of their long-time homes in favor of senior communities or assisted living homes. Luxury smart home systems make managing a home easier. Tools including voice activation and automation enable homeowners with mobility issues to control different elements of their home with minimal effort. Sensors can give caregivers and family members more options for monitoring their loved ones. Automation features may make it easier for seniors to age in place and reap the benefits of remaining in familiar surroundings.

Smart Home Automation Tips

Home Automation InstallationIf you are thinking of taking the plunge and turning your home into a smart home, you might be wondering what your first steps are. Here are a few insights.

  • Make sure you have a strong network: The foundation of a smart home setup is a strong wireless network. If your network is slow or unreliable, your ability to control smart home technologies remotely will be limited. Springing for a faster internet speed with your cable company or replacing old Wi-Fi equipment such as your modem and router can pave the way to a successful smart home installation.
  • Secure your network: A strong network signal is a good start, but your next step must be protecting your network from potential hackers. Taking advantage of the security features of your Wi-Fi devices is a must, as is ramping up password strength wherever passwords are necessary. In some cases, you can hardwire smart home devices directly to the internet, which is usually the most secure option.
  • Think about your priorities: What are you trying to accomplish with your smart home setup? Is it security? Improved entertaining? Energy savings? In terms of pure ROI, you can’t beat the advantages that smart thermostats deliver. For peace of mind, surveillance and automated locks are on top. Figuring out what you want most out of your smart home investment—or which gadgets feel most helpful and relevant to your lifestyle—will make it easier to pick out the right equipment for your installation.

When you shop with Starpower, we will help you find effective, feature-rich, and secure smart home options that are an ideal match for your property. Whether you are looking for automation lighting, age-in-place support, or a smart home entertainment system, we have what you need. Contact us today to start your search for luxury smart home systems.

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