Monitor Your Home with an Automated Home Security System

Home SecurityFrom November to January, millions of people take to the roads and the skies to travel extensively for the holidays. Even when inclement weather threatens to cause delays and cancellations, people continue to brave the conditions—after all, who wants to miss spending Christmas at home? When you’re on your way to your hometown or to visit friends and family elsewhere, the weather might be the furthest thing from your mind. You may spare a thought for whether you’ll have to camp out in the airport—but what about maintaining the safety and sanctity of your home while it’s unoccupied?

Asking a friendly neighbor to keep an eye on your place while you’re gone is a nice tradition, but there’s no replacement for the peace of mind that you can enjoy with more robust home monitoring systems. Today’s home security devices do more than ping an operator in a distant call center when something is amiss. You can take full control over the system yourself with a variety of high-tech and web-connected options. With help from the team at your local Starpower, locking down your home and watching over it while you’re gone is easier than ever during the holiday season.

Starpower Home AutomationWhy You Should Consider Investing in an Automated Home Security System

Beyond the convenience of checking in on your home from anywhere in the world, is it worth investing in home security systems? The statistics say yes, especially if you make it clear that your home is protected by surveillance technology. According to one survey of convicted burglars, nearly two-thirds said that they would avoid properties that seemed to have protections in place. That statistic should be reason enough to consider making the upgrade. By making your home a less appealing mark, you can enjoy even greater peace of mind.

There is one other significant reason to consider it: some homeowner’s insurance policy underwriters will offer a discount to policyholders who use home security systems on their premises. The presence of an alarm system is often enough of a deterrent to send bad guys looking for another target. That reduces the likelihood that the insurance company will need to pay out a claim on your policy. Check with your insurance provider today to see if you could qualify for a premium discount.

The Components You Can Choose for Automated Home Security

Start with one of the most popular options available today: a video-equipped doorbell. Serving as a front door sentry for your home, some of these doorbells can even recognize motion and track objects or people moving near your front door. When such an event happens, you get an alert on your smartphone to investigate.

With a microphone-enabled doorbell, you can even speak to the person on your front porch or, if you don’t recognize them, alert the authorities quickly. Add in smart door locks, and you can even grant access remotely when necessary; for example, you might let in a friend so that he or she can feed your fish.

Connected security cameras can help you form a network of safety around your home. Keep cameras pointed at vulnerable areas of the house, such as rear windows or sliding glass doors. With the right technology choices, you can pull this system into a cohesive unit that you can quickly monitor from anywhere. Add in wireless IoT lighting solutions to control security lights in and around your home from afar. With modern technology, it’s surprisingly easy to configure a Automated Home Security System that transforms your home into a fortress.

Configure Apps to Alert You at the First Sign of Trouble Home Automation Installation

Your smartphone or tablet is one of the most critical tools in your arsenal for taking full advantage of an automated home security system during your holiday travels. Some items may use different apps than others, so you will want to understand how to use them all together. Learn how each device you add to your home security setup works and make sure that you investigate all notification options. You wouldn’t want to miss a critical security event simply because you forgot to set up the app!

Maintain a contingency plan for what to do if something does go wrong. Know who to call and when. Home security is the first line of defense—the police come next.

Be Sure to Check in Regularly

With everything installed and configured, it’s a good idea to get into the habit of routinely checking your systems. Some IoT security systems will record clips of note for you to review at the end of each day, allowing you to quickly see if anything out of the ordinary happened without watching hours of video footage. Others will ping you when they detect unusual activity.

Either way, ensure that you’re proactive about peeking in on your cameras. Just don’t do it while everyone else is unwrapping gifts!

Home Theater and Media Room Design - StarpowerPartner with Starpower to Explore the Most Useful Home Security Systems Available Today

From seeing who’s standing at your front door while you’re a thousand miles away to checking home cameras and sensors from your phone before you go to bed, technology can make your travel experiences far less stressful. Home automation and security go hand-in-hand: you can quickly receive emergency alerts as soon as something seems amiss. When you can travel knowing that you only need a quick glance at your phone to confirm that everything is okay at home, it’s far easier to focus on what matters most: thoroughly enjoying the time you spend with family.

At Starpower, we have a vast range of home automation equipment options that are ready for installation on your property. From video-equipped doorbells to window sensors, we can help you to design a custom setup that delivers exactly the kind of functionality that you need. Contact us today or stop by your local Starpower location for a conversation about how you can take full advantage of this technology.

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