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Cool gadgets for your home For tech geeks and gadget lovers alike, there’s never been a better time to automate and modernize the home than today. From the advent of the Internet of Things to the never-ending imaginative efforts powering the contemporary technology sector, there is a wealth of options for transforming the way you live in and experience your own home. From HVAC equipment that learns your habits and patterns and always has the home sitting at your preferred temperature, to security systems, video-enabled doorbells, and more, the options are virtually limitless. At Starpower, we’re excited to help homeowners engage with their best ideas by offering innovative design, cutting-edge products, and high-quality installations.

We’re always watching the industry for the emergence of the most inventive and exciting gadgets. What are some of the cool gadgets you can add to your home, and how can we help you develop a home automation system where every component works in harmony?

Check on Your Pets While You’re Away from Home

Do you ever find yourself worrying about your precious pooch while you’re at work? Wonder what your cat gets up to while you’re running errands? There is an impressive variety of products on the market today that will allow you to set up pet cameras throughout your home or in one centralized station. Simply fire up the app on your smartphone, and you can have a peek and make sure everything is okay. In fact, some units even allow you to speak through your phone to your pet — let them know you’re on the way home and give them a treat via remote control.

Check Who’s At the Front Door, Too

Speaking of accessing cameras remotely while you’re away from home, the advent of home security options such as video doorbells have opened up a whole new range of possibilities for cool convenience. Receive alerts when the camera detects motion near your front door and get a quick look at what’s going on — or even send your voice through the device to greet (or warn) the visitors. Tired of missing deliveries while you’re out of the house? Some units, when paired with a smart door lock, can even allow you to grant access for the delivery.

Enjoy a Sci-Fi Future Today with Doors That Unlock for You

What’s all this about smart door locks? It’s true — and they’re an optional upgrade available on all Starpower’s home automation packages. By sensing a signal from your smart device as you approach, the lock can recognize that you’re authorized to enter the premises. It unlocks itself as you walk up to the door, allowing you to turn the handle and head inside — no need to fumble around for your keys when you have an arm full of groceries. Want even more convenience? Set up your locks to allow family members or even trusted friends to visit with ease.

Robotic Vacuums Can Help Lighten Your Workload

Who has time for chores these days? That’s one area where home automation systems really shine — they aren’t just convenient, they help you save lots of time, too. The Roomba was one of the first major robotic vacuum cleaners to market, and its product range still achieves high marks from consumers. It isn’t the only option, however, and today you can ensure that not only are your floors free from dirt and debris but that they receive a regular mopping, too. Wet/dry robots continue to grow in popularity, and once you have one, you may wonder how you ever lived without it.

See What You’ve Got in the Fridge While You’re ShoppingCheck Your fridge while shopping

Ever find yourself standing in an aisle at the grocery store wondering whether you need something on your list? With Wi-Fi cameras intended for refrigerators, you can take a quick peek and avoid unnecessary food waste by only purchasing what you need. Of course, your fridge isn’t the only place you could stash such a camera — the pantry is a good idea, too.

Entertain with Ease with Wireless Speakers

Are you planning on having friends over soon? Do you like to listen to music in your spare time? Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-enabled speakers allow you to create audio zones throughout your home. Listen to the same thing everywhere or allow for individual control of each zone. With a setup such as this, you could create livelier areas in one part of the home during a celebration, while playing more relaxed music in another area to suit your other guests. Add more speakers, and control them all easily.

Relax with Your Snacks and Enjoy a Simple Home Media Experience

What if you had a home automation hub that allowed you to control all those speakers and your other audio systems along with all your video systems? With Starpower’s home automation packages, that’s precisely what you’ll enjoy. We supply a complete setup for connecting your devices, including your TV or projector, while centralizing the controls into a tablet that you can easily carry with you around the house. Choose our Gold package for customization of only a few zones or go the whole hog with the Platinum Package for up to six separate audio zones and control of four video sources. No matter how simple or complex your home media setup may be, Starpower has a package that’s perfect for automating it all together.

Discover the Home of Tomorrow with StarpowerStarpower Home Automation

It’s easy to see why homeowners today enjoy some of the exciting options ever. From home automation for better security to the ability to control your A/V experience anywhere in or around the home, the only limit is your imagination. At Starpower, we can help you develop your home automation ideas into an installation where every component works in harmony. Don’t forget to check out our Silver, Gold, and Platinum packages for an excellent starting point. When you’re ready for a discussion about a package deal, or when you’d like to engage our design and installation services, please contact us at your convenience.

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