10 Things You Can Do With a Home Automation System

The house of tomorrow is here today — with some assembly required, of course. With the rise of the Internet of Things and wireless connectivity, the home automation system has undergone a rapid evolution. Gone are the clunky control units and lack of intercommunication of yesterday; now, homeowners can achieve a truly remarkable level of automation throughout their spaces. At Starpower, we’re highly experienced with the latest in-home technology, and our understanding enables us to help homeowners make the most of these opportunities when the opportunity to upgrade appears. What are some of the cool and exciting things you can do when you use home automation systems?

1. Save on Your Energy Bills with a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats, popularized by manufacturers such as Nest, are one of the cornerstones of home automation. Not only will it allow you to enjoy other benefits we’ll touch on later, but it can help you to save energy regularly. By learning your usage patterns and adapting to your schedule, smart thermostats learn how to manage your HVAC equipment more efficiently. Overall, this could translate into lower bills and less wear and tear on your equipment.

2. Centralize Your Home Theater’s Controls into One Place

Ever wanted to settle down in the comfort of your brand-new home theater, only to realize you’ll have to use three or four or even five different remotes to control all the equipment you’ve installed? It’s one of the perennial problems plaguing home theater owners, but home automation packages like the Silver, Gold, and Platinum options offered by Starpower can solve this concern. By integrating everything into one system, you can enjoy synchronized controls and far less remote juggling.

Bose - SoundTouch 30 Series III Wireless Music System - Black3. Enjoy Music Throughout the House On Demand

Smart speakers are a fun addition to any space, and connecting your audio equipment to a home network isn’t just for ensuring bombastic sound in your theater space. Zone audio allows you to control multiple audio sources for each room. In one room, you can watch your favorite spaghetti Westerns, while in your teen’s bedroom, they can enjoy the latest pop jams — seamlessly and without interruption.

4. Control Lights — and their Colors — at the Touch of a Button

Lighting is one of the mainstays of home automation technology, and for a good reason: it’s one of the most versatile options around. From Philips Hue lights that can change to virtually any color of the rainbow to smart plugs that allow you to turn lamps and lights on or off from your smartphone, we’ve come a long way from the humble light switch. It’s not all about controlling colors, either; there’s convenience baked in, too. Safe under the covers when you remember you forgot to turn off the kitchen light? Just get it with your phone and stay in bed.

5. Make Your Home Ready For You Before You Get There

When you’re in the middle of a long commute after a tough day, the last thing you want is to walk into a hot house that’s still cooling off after a day of emptiness. Use your smartphone apps to connect to your own home’s lights and thermostats over the Internet to make changes before you even get close to the front door. By the time you’ve parked, your home will be cool, your lights will be on, and you can immediately get started with relaxing.

6. Harden Your Property with Modern Home Automation Security SolutionsStarpower Home Automation

Smart doorbells, connected security cameras, even door and window sensors — all these things are now a part of the modern home automation landscape. While watching your favorite movies, you can check who’s at the front door. If you’re away from home, checking in as easy as logging in over a secure connection and loading the live views from your cameras. When something goes wrong, these systems will notify you automatically — and some can even send police on their way.

7. Integrate the Latest IoT Technology for New Functionality

Dispense pet food when you’ll be home late. Check what’s in the fridge so you can grab groceries after work. These are just a couple of the things you can do when you bring additional automation into your home by choosing quality “Internet of Things” products. With a single control point, such as the iPad you can enjoy using a Starpower setup, you can always keep this extra functionality close at hand.

8. Make Entertaining Easier

Home automation makes throwing parties an easier affair, especially when you want to open up multiple rooms to your guests. Build playlists that cycle through songs automatically in different rooms, or keep the same songs flowing throughout the entire party area. Get a request from a guest? Queue it up on your phone for easy listening. The options are virtually limitless.

9. Get Your Home Ready for Bed with a “Night Mode”

Once you have a robust setup installed, you can begin linking together different components to work in harmony, like an “if this, then that” program might function. When you’re ready to wind down and call it a night, turn on a “Night Mode” program and enjoy the results. You could dim the lights, turn on soothing music, change the thermostat setting, and activate your security settings — all at once! If that’s not convenient, what is?

10. Gather Interesting Data About Your Life

Why install so many sensors into your home if not to learn more about how you use your space? There are endless stories of enterprising individuals who’ve watched the data gathered by their various automation technologies and learned about new and interesting ways to program them for better functionality. The longer you use your home automation setup, the more ways you’ll think of to simplify your life.

See the Starpower DifferenceExplore Home Automation Ideas with Help from Your Local Starpower

Whether you want to create mood lighting for a romantic evening in with your partner or you’re preparing to entertain guests for a fabulous movie night, the ability to control everything from a convenient home automation hub is not one to miss. At Starpower, we offer a range of home automation packages perfect for every level of need. Find out more about how you can automate your home or ask about our ability to custom-tailor solutions for our clients today. Contact us at your convenience.

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