We have been blogging for months about how important it is to have excellent audio in your home media room and how it doesn’t make sense to have an excellent media room without excellent sound. I recently read an article that gave me new insight into the reasons ALL of us need great speakers in our media room and I want to share some of this with you, our Starpower fans!

First of all, televisions are being made better than ever before as far as the picture is concerned. They have also been made thinner for the sake of convenience. If you put these two modern features together, but don’t attached a great set of speakers with them, you are doing yourself and everyone in the room an injustice. Just as you deserved that outstanding TV, you deserve great audio to go right along with it.

Television and movie producers pack so much sound into their shows and films that it is impossible to hear all of the details we were meant to hear with simple television speakers. Some of the background sound effects that are in every movie are easily missed without an effective surround sound system in place. Even a cheap surround sound system can offer you better quality than nothing.

But if you have the budget to do it right, then let Starpower set your heart on a set of speakers that will change your movie watching experience forever. We know our brands and we get the latest and greatest product information from some of the most outstanding audiophiles.

We would like to suggest a few speakers and best surround sound systems that we consider the top 5 in audio systems:

  • JBL Synthesis
  • Marantz
  • Klipsch
  • Pioneer
  • Harmon Kardon Speakers

Another tip to remember is that you shouldn’t be intimidated by the old fashioned 5.1 speakers with 6 pieces and cords everywhere. We can now go all the way up to a 7.1 surround sound with no visible wires and sleek thin stylish bodied speakers.  Get the best surround sound system that works for your media room—check out the 7.1 surround sound features and other speaker systems on the Starpower showroom floor.

Stop turning up your television and asking everyone to hush when your favorite television show is on, come get a speaker system that will make you proud and I guarantee you won’t have to turn your family down and your show up ever again.