Sony’s VPLVW600ES is as close as you can get to having a commercial movie theater projector at home. It is based on the same 4K Digital Cinema SXRD™ technology found in Sony’s professional projectors. It uses three of these SXRD image chips — one each for red, green, and blue – to produce extraordinary quality images.

We absolutely love the Sony VPLVW600ES projector. If you are looking for a true 4K projector but budget is a problem, look no further. It is a real game changer.

Even at 1080P resolution, the content looks sharper than most other 1080P projectors with fancy dynamic detail enhancement which include projectors from Sony, JVC, etc. With true 4K the clarity and detail is incredibly better. When it comes to image quality, color is admirable and post calibration is near perfect.

The VPLVW600ES comes with most of the bells and whistles. One feature worth mentioning is lens memory. So, the decision to go 16:9 or widescreen is yours. It has 1700 lumens on brightness. It can easily tackle a 150” screen or even a couple sizes larger effortlessly.

If you are into 3D, the VPLVW600ES does 3D and even converts 2D to 3D if desired. The picture quality is amazing in 3D too. Learn more and shop the VPLVW600ES here.

You can also check it out on Sony’s official website here.

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