What does refurbished mean? And what’s at stake when buying refurbished electronics?

Refurbished is a term used to describe electronics and other computer related items. Refurbished means getting old and malfunctioning equipment back to the manufacturer in order to update and improve the system. The problem lies when online retailers substitute refurbished electronics and products for new and pretend like it was always “new” without revealing the true product history. When this happens, the customer may never know!

The following list can be categorized as refurbished if it meets some or all of the following criteria:

Defect During Construction:

There are many times, for whatever reason, that a defect during production occurs while on the assembly line. If a customer returns a defective item, the retailer will send the item back to the manufacturer where they will repair the defective units and send them back to the retailer for sale again.

Customer Return:

A majority of retailers have a 30-day return policy on their products. Stores may reduce the price on these returns and resell it as already opened.

Shipping Damage:

There are many instances when a package has been damaged during the shipping process. This may be due to mishandling, weather or other various reasons. The retailer has the option to return the package to the manufacturer-the manufacturer is then obligated to inspect the products and repackage them.

Surface Damage:

A product for many reasons may have a dent, scratch or other forms of surface damage that doesn’t affect the performance of the product. The manufacturer can either sell the product with the cosmetic damage obviously visible for the consumer or place the internal components into new casing.

Demonstration Units:

Many manufacturers will take back the demonstration units at the store level. They are inspected and then marked as refurbished for sale.

Overstock Items:

If a retailer has an overstock item-they may reduce the price and put it on sale. Sometimes, after a manufacturer releases a “newer” model, they will collect the remaining stock of the order and redistribute them. The item can be sold as a “sale” item or a refurbished item.

So, what are the risks of buying used electronics?

The problem lies when online retailers substitute refurbished (electronics) for new and pretend like it is “new,” When this happens, the customer is the one that is ultimately cheated. When buying refurbished electronics or investigating electronics online take into consideration these following items:

  • First, in most cases you are unaware of why the product is marked as refurbished from the beginning!
  • You are also unaware of how many hours the item was used, displayed or played;
  • The repair history is unknown to you;
  • There is likely no returns or future support on the product, which could be a huge gamble!
  • The product does not have a full factory warranty on it;
  • You do not know what type of power has been used to run it and this could break down the components internally.

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