As a master of “best bang for the buck” shopping it is not often that I claim “bigger is better.” But occasionally there is just no other way to look at electronics. Especially when the bigger product is better, and more affordable!

My “bigger is better…best bang for the buck” product of the month is the Pioneer SP-PK21BS speaker system. The best way to compare what I am talking about is to suggest you take a look at the picture I’m posting with this article. This select group of home theater components are among some of the top rated speaker and surround sound systems on the market today.

The Pioneer SP-PK21BS speaker system offers outstanding sound with clear, crisp bass and exceptional clarity. This home theater audio system is a 5.1 surround sound satellite subwoofer system and it is noticeably larger than other more classic 5.1 surround sound systems. It is being reviewed as one of the best speaker sytstems among bloggers, consumers, and CNET reviewers. The only complaint so far is its size. Though the size of this set is a bit larger than some of the other new speakers that are on electronic showroom floors, it is not stopping audio buffs from making this top find purchase. As I have mentioned before, smaller speakers are not always the best speaker systems. They are internally designed to deliver the mass quantity (and quality) of bass that this Pioneer set effortlessly delivers. Take for instance the beautiful sleek looking sound bars that are popular among home theaters; they are no doubt elegant and savvy. However, they do not deliver bass, and high quality surround sound like the Pioneer SP-PK21BS speaker system does. Another idea to keep in mind is that though they do not deliver equal quality sound…these sound bars can cost as much as the Pioneer SP-PK21BS. So now do you understand why the Pioneer is my “bigger is better…best bang for your buck” product of the month?

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