If you read my some of my past blogs, then you probably saw the one about SONOS, the really cool system that allows you to listen to music from several different sources in any room of the house.  Well I’m excited to talk about something very similar EXCEPT with this system you don’t have to have a box sitting somewhere in your house. Box or no box, the SONOS is absolutely cool and an amazing device to have, but with all of the products on the market today, it doesn’t stop and end there.

For those of you who didn’t have a chance to read the SONOS blog, let me back up a step and introduce multi-room audio. Multi-room audio is the ability to listen to music via almost unlimited sources (CD, IPODSIRIUS, Pandora etc.) in any room of your house.  You can also listen from a different source in each room. Mom can rock out to the oldies in the gym, Dad can clean the pool to Merle in the back yard, and brother and sister can study while jamming to the latest and greatest in their I-libraries in their bedrooms.

One system that I find very intriguing is the Russound System. This system is fantastic because it is built into the walls of a new home, or can still be built into the walls of an existing home. This system does not take up any room on your desk or dresser, and all you ever see is the panel on the wall of each room you want it in. This multi-room audio is top notch because it can also serve as an intercom system.  Talk about serious automation.

Of course, Starpower Home Entertainment always has several brands to choose from, so if your sold on the idea of a multi-room audio system but want to examine your options, then stop by your nearest Starpower today and start talking about your first step towards wireless audio to suit everyone’s style.

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