The movie is about to begin as John hops up from the couch, and rushes to find matches to light the candles on the coffee table. He turns off the hallway and living room lights and runs, stumbling through the dark, back to the couch to light the candles. His sweet wife Jane looks over, kisses John and kindly mentions, “Maybe it’s time we install a lighting control system……..”

I know…I know, corny example. But you get where I am going. Think about it, if John had a remote lighting control system, he could have stolen away from Jane’s kiss for just long enough to push the button on the remote sitting on the coffee table in place of the candles, the lights would dim romantically, and he would have returned to this special moment with his wife in half the time.

Starpower offers lighting control systems and touch panel remotes for virtually any type of situation. Whether your focus is to save energy, set the mood, enhance comfort or increase safety, Starpower home theater experts will put the finishing touches to your system through uniquely designed lighting systems.

They offer one such system by Lutron Radio RA that allows you to control every light in, and outside of your home with the push of a button. You choose whether to have the control attached to the wall or wireless, and the rest is in the hands of the Starpower experts.

With media room lighting systems such as the Lutron (Starpower also offers many others) it is possible to wirelessly control every audio, visual, or electronic component throughout your entire home. If you need to leave home, but are afraid of a burglary, you can set your touch panel remote for an “away from home” setting that will reserve energy but allow the home to look as though someone is there.

“If you can imagine it, we can create it,” is the policy Starpower has passionately crafted for your media room lighting system so that your home lights up at the right time…for the right mood.

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