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Starpower home theater in the D/FW and Phoenix/Scottsdale is the authority in home audio. Naturally, we are picky about the audio brands we offer in our showrooms and in our online store. We care about what you are going to hear and if the latest thriller or action flick hasn’t made you jump out of your seat, maybe it’s time to stop blaming the acting and time to make an upgrade to your home audio speaker system.


Martin Logan Audio Systems

With MartinLogan speakers added to your home audio speaker system, you’ll not just hear the afterburners kick on in “Top Gun” or hear the clanking of empty cartridges in “Heat,” you’ll feel them as they sync up with your heartbeat. The folks at MartinLogan Speakers put every home audio speaker system they sell through a gauntlet of tests, including a vigorous 100 hours of use, so they’ll be fresh and ready to go right out of the box. This is a must-have gift for anyone who is aurally in tune.


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Drop by your nearest Starpower store and test the listening experience first-hand. Visit any of our showroom locations or shop online here.

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Want to hear Martin Logan speakers for yourself? Come visit Starpower’s audio team at one of our locations in the Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas area or the Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona area.

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