The Kaleidescape Cinema One

The Ultimate Blu-ray Player

The Kaleidescape Cinema One is not just an ordinary Blu-ray player. Inside the blue and white exterior is a massive hard drive that can store hundreds of movies, including bit-for-bit copies of 1080p Blu-rays.

A lot of you are probably unsure what the deal is. You can just download movies to your Apple TV or rip movies to your own hard drive.



The Kaleidescape Difference

Kaleidescape is different on several levels. You can download movies to just about any TV-connected device like Roku, Apple TV, Blu-ray players, etc. However, the downloads from other sources aren’t nearly the quality of Blu-ray. Downloads from Kaleidescape are exactly the same as the original Blu-ray.

Unlike other downloads, they have all the extras available on the disc. Some services offer near-Blu-ray quality downloads, but even they are compressed. Also, when it comes to downloading from other sources, if you want to watch the movie at a later date, you have to start the download process over again.

So if you are a videophile with a big TV, Kaleidescape is the best you can get!

You can also use the Kaleidescape as a music server.

The Kaleidescape is surely a luxury product. It’s for movie buffs looking for an easy way to browse and store their collection, in the highest quality.


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