JBL Synthesis Project Array

On display at Starpower Dallas right now is a product by JBL Synthesis called The Synthesis Project Array System. You will not want to miss out on the opportunity to come and see, touch and test this outstanding speaker product.

This system is super unique for two reasons: 1) JBL Synthesis has long been considered the best in high-fidelity commercial use speakers and 2) Project Array is a JBL Synthesis high-fidelity speaker built for your residence for the first time ever.

JBL and Starpower

Since 1960 JBL Synthesis has been producing speakers that are of great quality that have earned great respect. Whether you realize it or not, JBL Synthesis speakers have most likely been a part of your life because they are widely used in theaters, at press conferences, in mega churches, and at concerts. Starpower is extremely proud to offer you the opportunity to test out this product before you take it home, but even more proud to be able to offer you JBL Synthesis for your personal space.

The JBL Synthesis Project Array System is the highest quality home theater surround sound system that has yet graced the market, and with the reputation they have, it’s a purchase that will not be regretted. Here are some cool details about this exceptional speaker product:

There are three systems to choose from:

The 800, the 1000, the 1400 — the difference is both in the size, and the punch they pack.

Each has a pure titanium compression driver complete with aluminum edge-wound voice coil, mounted in SonoGlass constant-directivity horn.

Each system is made with the finest grade materials, in an unconventional design that has proven to be more efficient than any before it.

Come by and see the JBL Synthesis Project Array System for yourself. You can’t beat investing your money in a product that comes complete with an awesome reputation.  If this particular speaker isn’t exactly what you need, ask Starpower about the other JBL Synthesis speaker products. From amps, speakers and subwoofers to unique auxiliary products from this exceptional vendor, you will not be disappointed. See you soon!


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