Panasonic SC-ZT2 Virtual Surround Sound Wireless Full HD 3D Home Theater System

Fewer Speakers, Better Sound?!

So it wasn’t too long ago that we talked about Surround Sound and I explained that the 7.1 was the newest and coolest speaker system out there. Well I stand corrected!  Panasonic has created a 7.1 that is (get this) 3D meets wireless meets space saver. The new SC-ZT2 by Panasonic Wireless has only two speakers that rise up on thin sleek poles. The speakers are downward firing, and both contain woofers.

In case you have forgotten, the fact that it is downward firing means you can put this baby anywhere! So what does it mean that a speaker is 3D? Does this mean you will have to wear a special plastic contraption on your ears, like we all did on our eyes when 3D movies came out?  NO.

This system simply has the ability to pick up when a 3D movie is being played, and you can literally hear the difference in dimensions!

Panasonic Sc-Zt2

The Sleek Surround Sound Speaker System

If you do not enjoy the idea, or the look of a speaker for every additional audio channel (6 speakers for 6.1, 7 speakers for 7.1) then these new speakers are for you. Theses speakers perfectly compliment the look of today’s flat screen panels and offer your home a less cluttered version of the same home theater which knocked off your socks with seven speakers, in just two speakers. This system is as good as it gets for 3D Home Entertainment.

Pricng Starts at $999.99

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