JVC has made the unthinkable…thinkable…with their new home cinema projectors.  The 4K JVC precision projector goes above and beyond the high definition barrier, taking two million 1080p images and converting them to eight million 4K images. That is FOUR times the resolution of full HDJVC uses their special e-Shift technology to make this happen.  This technology eliminates any visible stair-stepping or pixel gaps and lets you see detail and get closer to the action like you never have before.  Reviewers far and wide are giving this line of home cinema projectors two thumbs up calling it one of the best projectors for home theater gurus.

The new JVC 3D projectors offer several lines for consumers to choose from:  The X90RBU, the DLA-X30BU, and the DLA-X70RBU; all include three hand-selected D-ILA devices in order to experience the ultimate in precision technology. These projectors also use Native Contrast Radio which means JVC does not use a dynamic iris, making it possible to reproduce the deepest blacks and the most vivid whites at the same time for a picture that is out of this world!

All of the new JVC precision projectors come 3D ready and feature a wide range of 3D enhancements, including improved 3D picture quality and improved 3D functionality. What is a 3D movie watching experience without some cool and fashionable 3D glasses?  These projectors contain 2 pairs of PK-AG2 3D glasses. These glasses activate shutter technology by providing full frame HD for each eye and include USB charging cable with a 40-hour operation with full charge. These glasses are optically matched for highest brightness and color accuracy.

A Lens Memory function has been added to all new JV Precision projectors which allows memory settings to be stored for different picture formats. This includes: 16:9 HDTV and Cinamascope movies without any black bars to get in the way.

JVC has led the industry with home cinema projectors and are built around a newly designed optical engine that produces brighter images with higher contrast than the previous models. This means brighter images, including the deepest blacks and brightest whites you can imagine. The new models achieve an incredible 120,000:1 native contrast radio, which is an industry first.

Starpower also has your checkbook and comfort in mind; we want to help you close that gap once and for all between your home media room and the theater. Swing by today and let us show you the best projectors for home theaters and we’ll talk JVC precision projectors!