Sony ES Projectors at Starpower

Starpower is the very first retailer in the whole country to get their hands on the new Sony 4K Home Theater ES Projector. The Sony 4k Home Theater Projector is the world’s finest home theater projectors available and it’s available for the first time at Starpower! This Sony 4K Home Theater ES Projector utilizes the very latest technology and produces a picture you
wouldn’t believe making all your current Blu-ray movies and HD content look incredibly clear with detail that will make you feel like you’re right in the action.

Now, you can own the Sony 4K Home Theater Projector that the movie producers use! Not only is this the best picture available on the market today, but the installation and control are both seamless. The Sony 4K Home Theater Projector offers the same viewing experience that is found in over 9,000 commercial movie theaters.


Delivering 4X the Resolution of 1080p

While delivering over four times 1080p resolution, anamorphic 3D images and HD to 4K- nothing can compare. Combine that with a 1,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and with 2000 ANSI lumen brightness (this is more than TWICE the brightness of HDTV), this projector will pull you into your favorite movies like no home theater you have ever experienced before.

The resolution of the projector far exceeds that of HDTV, Sony uses the new SXRD 4K panel that has a resolution of 4096-by-2160 pixels. This projector also possesses an integrated IR transmitter that works with the rechargeable Sony 3D glasses included with the projector.


Sony Projectors at Starpower

You’re going to want to stop by Starpower today to view the world’s finest home theater projector, the Sony 4K Home Theater ES Projector. Stop by one of our four Starpower locations in Dallas, Texas; Forth Worth, Texas and Southlake, Texas; as well as Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona and let one of our experts tell you more about the unbelievable Sony 4K Home Theater

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